Aslan has been enrolled at Art Fusion for nearly ten years. His relationship with the organization began as a means to encourage his artistic interest and to encourage social development. As he entered school we realized Aslan was different from other children. He was diagnosed with learning disabilities which made learning and social interactions difficult. Art Fusion provided a creative and nurturing environment which developed his artistic interest and promoted positive social interactions with peers.

Through the years Aslan’s talent in drawing and painting flourished. His growth as a budding artist was accompanied by increased self-confidence and social skills. He found likeminded kids whose interests were aligned with his. The combination of quality art instruction and supportive social setting gave him a positive outlet to develop his artistic talents and self-identity. His experiences in school were a stark contrast to the enriching atmosphere of Art Fusion. The art classes offered by his school were far less substantive and the peer groups marginalizing.

As he progressed through high school, the impact and benefits of enrollment at Art Fusion became clear. Aslan’s interest and talent in the arts grew into a desire to pursue art after graduation. The quality and diversity of the art classes at his school have finally reached the level offered at the studio. Without the organization’s role in his artistic education, Aslan would not have developed a penchant for the arts. The benefit of his enrollment also transcended the realm of art. His academic performance has improved dramatically. He transitioned from special education to the main stream student body, and has achieved honors in school multiple times. All of these achievements are due in large to his attending Art Fusion.

The studio is so much more than a place to send your children for art enrichment. The instructors, the atmosphere, and the curriculum truly develop and nurture artists from the kids who attend the classes. My son is one of these and I see many more every weekend when I pick him up from class. Art Fusion is a critical and local resource to the development and enrichment of art in the community. It is a corner stone of the cultural advancement of our township and needs the continued support of the community to ensure it is there for today’s children and tomorrow’s artists.