Current Exhibit

Moving Forward

Ceramic works by Kristen Von Hohen

Artist Statement

A retrospective of the 15 years of artwork.

Changing up everything and trying something new is a recurring theme in my creative process. I feel I am constantly Moving Forward, onto the next idea, experiment, and concept.

In 2006 I was graduating from University of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Ceramics. This is where this body of works begins. I was playing with structural forms juxtaposed with natural flows of glazes. As this idea developed over the years, glazes turned into slip, and burning away toothpicks and strings. Using these techniques, I ended up with an amazing but fragile effect.

While playing with dynamics of fragile pieces, I started a line of slip casted dinnerware, selling this work at many craft and art festivals. These pieces echoed the style and feel of the earlier work in a more practical form. Eventually this work evolved into coiling planters and birdhouses.

In the past few years, I have started learning new skills outside of ceramics. I still bring ceramic elements into my works but now combine ceramics with mosaics or even bead embroidery.

There is no guessing where I will be Moving Forward to next.

On view May 7- June 9, 2021

Some pieces are for sale, with free pickup at ArtFusion 19464. Click on a piece to see details on medium, size and price. Please remember colors may vary depending on the settings on your device. If you have any questions about a piece, or would like to see it in person before purchasing, please contact us.