Educational Exhibits

About Our Educational Exhibits

In addition to shows that focus on local artists, and on our students and instructors, we also curate special educational exhibits. Each one focuses on on a specific topic or theme we believe we can teach about through art. Topics are a varied as the artwork created to appear in each show. See below for more information of specific past shows.

In conjunction with these educational exhibits, we offer free field trip programs to local schools. These educational field trips bring in hundreds of students each year, as well as the general public, to explore topics that are fading from our textbooks.

Threads of a Story: Continued

September 8-October 20, 2012

When We Were Soldiers

September 20-November 9, 2013


March 22-May 3, 2014

Rainbow Crow and Other Stories

September 20-November 1, 2014

Her Story

September 19-October 31, 2015


October 8-November 19, 2016

Metes and Bounds

March 24-April 28, 2018


March 24-April 28, 2019

First Folios

March 14-April 25, 2020