Threads of a Story: Continued

Threads of a Story: Continued

September 8-October 20, 2012

Threads featured the work of artist Charlotta Janssen, who was inspired by mug shots of famous–and non famous–people arrested during the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s.  Threads evolved as a way to visually thank participants of the civil rights movement for their work and dedication that made the moment possible. Janssen specifically honors Bus Boycotters from 1956 and Freedom Riders from 1961. The artist’s goals were to transport the viewer back to this moment in time, to create a living history and bring awareness to a collective consciousness where segregation seemed normal and fighting it was a daunting task.

To realize these goals, Janssen re-imagined the mug shots of her subjects using oil, acrylic, rust and collage. Mug shots are normally portraits of shame, but in those belonging to the Bus Boycotters and Freedom Riders, she saw their heroism, determination and courage.

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