Donor Tiles

Donor Tiles

We moved into our new home at the Beech St. Factory in 2017.  We continue to work hard to make a space that encourages creativity while functioning well for the many things we do. You can help us maintain and grow this great space and become a permanent part of facility at the same time. Make a donation at your choice of the levels below, and your tile will become part of our permanent donor wall at Beech St. Your continuing support has gotten ArtFusion 19464 to where we are today. Help us continue on our journey!

Limited Edition Donor Tiles

Support ArtFusion 19464 in our goal for this year is to raise funds to help transform our classroom space. As ArtFusion 19464 grows, so does our need for more space. We will be transforming the existing Painting/Drawing studio from a flexible space with movable walls to a permanent classroom, by building walls and adding a sink. Permanent walls and access to an sink will make the space more functional and comfortable for both our students and our instructors.
In recognition of your $50 donation, we will create a construction hammer tile for you. Your tile can be inscribed with your name or your business

Artist Donor Tiles

Designed by our Pottery Studio Director Kristen VonHohen, each piece was inspired by an iconic work from a well-known artist. Every tile is individually cast, fired and meticulously hand-painted. The finished work is mounted to a flat display tile, with a place for your name or company logo. $500 donation. Click here to choose your artist!  Please note: the Van Gogh tile style has been retired and is no longer available.


Donor-Made Tiles

This 4″x4″ tile is a blank canvas for your creativity. Join us for one of our free decorating days and create a one-of-a-kind tile that represents you. Family members are welcome to work on a tile together! We will clear glaze your tile and glaze fire it, making a durable piece of art to add to our Donor Wall at Beech St. $100 donation. Click here to reserve your tile!