Photography Private Lessons (adults and teens ages 16+) with Anthony Nowack


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Class Overview:

In person, one on one lessons are available with Photographer Anthony Nowack. Learn how to use composition and posing techniques, as well as ways to utilize available light to our advantage. Learn how to use the tools of perspective and the elements of basic exposure to be able to create more interesting photos.

Please bring with you, a digital camera of some type. Smartphones, point-and-shoot, all the way up to DSLRs. Anything that can take a photo and show it to you will work.

Please call 610-326-2506 or email us to schedule these private lessons. $45 for one hour. (Patron discount does not apply to this item.) Payment for each class must be made in advance. Private lessons require a time commitment from both student and instructor. If a student does not show up for a scheduled private lesson, no refund will be given. Please call to let us know of a class that must be missed due to illness or family emergency, and we will work with you to reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.