Pottery Wheel Private Lessons (adults, teens, and children ages 8+) with Nikki Foreman


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Class Overview:

Please call 610-326-2506 or email us to schedule these private lessons.

In person, one-on-one lessons are available with potter Nikki Foreman. Lessons are tailored to what you wish to learn, from basic throwing to advanced forms. Let us know your experience when you arrange your lesson.

You will need a separate lesson for glazing, which will require a second payment and supply fee. Or you can choose to paint at home with acrylic paints, paints are no food-safe.

Use of studio tools and equipment is included. Supplies are extra,. Clay must be purchased from ArtFusion at $2 per pound. This prices includes a bisque kiln firing for these pieces. Glazes will be an extra cost determined by the size of pieces made.

Please call 610-326-2506 or email us to schedule these private lessons. $45 for one hour. (Patron discount does not apply to this item.) We can accommodate group lessons of 2-3 people at $30 per person per hour plus supplies.  Payment for each class must be made in advance. Private lessons require a time commitment from both student and instructor. If a student does not show up for a scheduled private lesson, no refund will be given. Please call to let us know of a class that must be missed due to illness or family emergency, and we will work with you to reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.