Cat and Bird (ages 4-7) with Svetlana Khmelnitsky Nov 11


Cat and Bird: Creativity Class Inspired by Paul Klee’s Art

The class consists of 2 parts. During the first part of the class children will follow a Cat (a “character” from one of Paul Klee’s paintings Cat and Bird) in his search for a friend. This quest will take them through Klee’s several works. On the way, among other things, we will “stop” to observe colors, shapes, and play “I spy…” game.

In a second part of the class, we will make a castle inspired by one of Klee’s paintings presented during the first part of the class.

Minimum amount of students needed for this class to run is 4. Please register by November 3.

In Person Session  Thursday, November 11 from 10-11am. $20 (member), $25 (non-member).

Please click here to review our COVID-19 Class Policies.

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