OPEN YOUR EYES with David Prince


This class is designed for students with some picture-taking experience. You will learn to discover the picture within the picture, seeing the abstract, details or patterns that are all around us. This hand-on class includes two studio sessions and one picture-taking field trip class. You will have the opportunity to work with your fellow students to offer suggestions and encouragement. All you need is a DLSR camera and the desire to find out what you have been missing. You will be taking pictures with your eyes wide open. Digital Single Lens Reflex camera required, preferably with a zoom lens. A laptop is helpful for the last class to review pictures taken. WINTER SPRING SESSION Saturdays, April 27, May 4 and May 11.  Class runs from 1-4pm each week. April 27 and May 11 classes will be at ArtFusion. May 4 will be an off-site field trip. $100 (member), $125 (non-member).

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