This basic photography course is for the beginner looking to capture better photographs using their DLSR camera. Students will learn to operate their camera in full manual, aperture, or shutter speed priority modes.The basic photography course will teach how to control exposure and depth of field. Students will also learn the difference in lenses and the purpose for choosing each type lens, and how to see and compose in the viewfinder. This class is designed to be hand-on so students become comfortable and confident capturing beautiful photographs with their cameras. Students are required to bring their own digital photography camera with manual, aperture and shutter speed priority modes. This class is specifically designed for digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras but it applicable for use with film cameras as well. Minimum 4 students. WINTER SPRING SESSION Begins Saturday, May 18. Class runs from 1-3pm each week for three weeks. $95 (member), $115 (non-member).

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