MANDALA PAINTING with Vidya Shyamsundar


In this Mandala workshop, you will learn to create a beautiful 6”x 6” acrylic painting of a Mandala which simply put, a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. Vidya will walk you through step by step techniques to suite your artistic level, making you feel comfortable, creating a truly lovely and personal piece of artwork to be treasured. You will be drawing and painting the ancient traditional free-hand Indian Mandala art called ‘Kolam/Rangoli’. These are symmetrical designs built using geometric shapes and are viewed as a sign of invitation to welcome people into the home; a tribute to harmonious co-existence; and thought to bring prosperity. This workshop is perfect for anyone from the novice to the experienced and the process can be meditative and certainly spiritual. Vidya will also be sharing stories from her culture and the relevance of the Mandala artwork, and how she finds her recent debut into the art world so cherishing. There is a $10 supply fee, payable to the instructor. The instructor will also provide all tools needed for use during the class. WINTER SPRING SESSION  Sunday, February 10. Class runs from 1-4pm. $50 + supply fee (member), $70 + supply fee (non-member).

This class will be running. Join in the fun!

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