Figure Drawing (age 18+) with Barb Rambo



Enroll by Feb. 1, 2022.

Fine tune your drawing skills in a figure drawing class. Starting with croquis (quick poses) to warm up, then both short and long poses. We will also focus on both full figure, clothed and nude, and individual areas of the body like head, torso, hands and feet. There will be a professional art model for four classes. Tuition includes a model fee.

Supplies needed;
Newsprint pad 18×24 or larger
Sketchbook 9×12 or larger *recommended but required
Drawing Paper 18×24 or larger
Charcoal paper 18×24 or larger *recommended but required
Pencils, 3H, HB, and 3B
Conte Crayons
Charcoal sticks
Kneaded eraser
Pink pearl or white eraser

In Person Session Begins Feb 8. Class runs Tuesdays from 10am-12 noon for 6 weeks. $185 + supplies (member), $200 + supplies (non-member). Minimum of 4 students, maximum of 6. Enroll by Feb. 1, 2022. Our classes require a minimum number of students in order to run. If that minimum has not been met one week before the scheduled start of the class, the class will be cancelled. So please register early to avoid disappointment!


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