Acrylic Landscape Painting (14+) with Joan Shaw


Learn how to create acrylic landscapes. We will explore using shapes and color to create your landscapes. We will discuss techniques, and the instructor will help you develop your own paintings. Local landscapes will be provided for inspiration. Students are encouraged to bring their own images to class too. Supplies needed 1 pad of canvas paper, 1 stretched canvas 9”x12” or larger, 1” Flat brush, ½” round brush, Fan brush, #1 Detail brush, Palette, Palette knife, Container for water. Needed for 2nd week of class. We will discuss this list before you purchase any paint .1 set of basic acrylic colors Or 1 large tube of white, 1 tube ultramarine, 1 tube of black, 1 tube of alizarine crimson, 1 tube yellow, 1 tube cadmium red, 1 tube burnt umber, 1 tube raw sienna, gesso. Class needs a minimum of 3students, max of 6 students. Winter Session Begins January 16. Class runs Saturdays 3-5pm from pm for 6 weeks. $130 (member), $150 (non-member).

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