$1 Best in Show Donation 2018


Help us choose our Best in Show artists for A Walk in the Park, our 2018 Winter Member Show! Each $1 online donation counts as one vote. Please let us know in the comments when you check out who you are voting for. (When you check out, look for  “Additional Information.” Under that heading, there is a field called Order Notes, where you can type the name of the artist you are voting for.)

You can vote as many times as you like and split your votes among as many artists as you like. Online voting ends on March 16.

For example: add six $1 Best in Show Donations (value $6) to your cart. Let us know you want all your votes to go to Artist A, and that artists will be credited with 6 votes.

Or let us know you want to split your votes between Artist A and Artist B. Artist A will be credited with 3 votes and Artist B will be credited with 3 votes.