DRAWING HUMAN ANATOMY (ages 16+) with Shoniece Mercado


This 4-week class is designed to help students gain a solid and clear understanding of the skeleton and muscle relationship with their effects on the surface features of the human form. The class will begin with a brief lecture on the skeletal and muscle landmarks of the torso and upper thigh regions. Following the lecture, we will begin drawing from the live nude model with guidance from the instructor. Students will complete an activity to further help gain an understanding of the skeleton and musculature of both the torso and upper thigh regions in order to fully render an accurate depiction of the live nude model. On the last day of the workshop, we will complete a full drawing session, followed by a chance to hang up the class’s drawings to engage in a group discussion to reflect on the classes progress over the past 4 weeks. Every student must bring a sketchbook (9″x12″ or larger) to class. All other supplies will be provided. SUMMER SESSION Begins July 28. Class runs Saturdays from 1-3pm for 4 weeks. $110 supplies (member), $139 supplies (non-member).