Still Life Drawing for Kids (ages 7-12) with Kayla Ackelson Feb 8



Enroll by Feb. 1, 2022.

The teacher will set up a still life scene each week and give the students a different prompt such as: draw without looking at the paper, use your opposite hand, only draw shadows, use charcoal, etc. The group would leave with a unique drawing every week and learn to draw what they see in the still life. We could look at samples of popular artists.

In Person Session Begins February 8. Class runs Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm for 4 weeks. $100 (member), $110 (non-member). Minimum of 3 students, maximum of 6 students. Enroll by Feb. 1, 2022. Our classes require a minimum number of students in order to run. If that minimum has not been met one week before the scheduled start of the class, the class will be cancelled. So please register early to avoid disappointment!


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