APRIL POP-UP HOMESCHOOL ART (ages 7-17) with various instructors


Pop-Up Homeschool Art is a series of one-day workshops, taught by different instructors that each focus on a  different technique or medium. Each month has a different theme. Students can sign up for one class, or take as many as they like. Pottery classes are $22 per class. All other classes are $18.

April’s theme is America in the 1920s. Class choices are:

  • Batik: Inspired by Art Deco tiles, students will create their own Art Deco design, which they will recreate using batik techniques and watercolor. Thursday, April 2 from 10:30am-noon.
  • Pottery: Art Deco design frequently uses repeating pattern,s like tessellations. Student will design their own tessellation and recreate that design in clay. Tuesday, April 7 from 1-2:30pm.
  • Transfer printing: The 1920s was a boom time for building amazing new skyscrapers, stretching the limits of both construction and design. Students will recreate an iconic Art Deco building using a transfer printing technique. Wednesday, April 22 from 1-2:30pm.
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