Her Story

Her Story

September 19-October 31, 2015

This educational show featured artwork inspired by women’s history. The show ran September 19 through October 31, with a private opening reception on Friday, September 18 from 6-8pm.  In conjunction with the show, ArtFusion 19464 offered free field trips to local schools.

Special Words and Special Art

In addition to the amazing artwork that was part of this show, we also had a very special poem written just for this show by local poet Laura Washington.

Her Story

it’s her story.

it’s not yours, it’s not mine
it could be theirs if they were her
but they are not, so she owns it

the melodies of her story

are mostly beautiful and serene
at times chaotic and downright mean
but if she’s wants to grow
these things are mainly unseen ‘cause she embraces them,
you tried changing them, no luck
after all, this is…her story

her flaws…whether large or small

she stands tall while blameless in them all
as they too belong to her

your input and opinions

or criticisms not required but admired is she,
who fights for what she believes in
using cups of negotiation
or a pinch and a dash of persuasion
others are enticed to join her

her mission is clear
its effect and its cause is what moves us all –


whether she stands 6 feet short or 5 feet tall

she understand the with every fall, she has to get back up
learn the lesson or fall again
in the darkest of times, she is her own best friend
and the lover whispers to its beloved,
“You can take care of yourself.”

with that she cares for others, too

holding true are the Universal Laws of this time that breathe,
i am of you and you are of me
but our stories remain magically unique as our own
as we free-range and roam,
efforts and actions are duplicated in kind
so if your story looks and feels a little like mine, try not to be offended

embrace your story as yours

and I will enjoy my story as all mine
let us all encourage one another
to love our own story
as it is in these stories, when they have come and they have gone
they will continue to move us all –


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