Rainbow Crow and Other Stories

September 20-November 1, 2014

Rainbow Crow was our annual education exhibit for 2014. The artwork in this show was inspired by Native American stories. Each artist created a piece in their favorite medium, from clay to recycled cans to traditional acrylic and oil paints.  The show ran September 20-November 1, with a private opening reception September 19.

In conjunction with this show, we offered an amazing free field trip program to local schools. Grandmother Star, a Cherokee storyteller, provided a fun, interactive storytelling experience for our visitors. Students also got a chance to create music on a traditional drum. In addition to Grandmother Star’s stories, students learned about 4 important chiefs from different Native American tribes. Our aim was to give a small glimpse into the lives of Native Americans during our country’s history. Each student also created an art project inspired by a Native American story. This program was generously sponsored by the Foundation for Pottstown Education.


We are very grateful to The Foundation for Pottstown Education; Adam J. Sager and Family; David Garner, Attorney at Law; Heartland Abstract; J. H. White Financial Services; and Judy and Jack Lupas for their sponsorship of this exhibit.