Stacy Landis

School does not offer as much art as we would like, so this is a good opportunity for her to explore the world of art. –Stacy Landis, whose daughter Laila is a student


I’ve been waiting to turn 8 years old so I could take art classes at your studio like my brother did. –Isabellarose, daughter of Christine Mulligan

Lillian Willman

Kurt has enjoyed coming to classes. He has learned a lot through the program. The Thai class really impressed him. –Lillian Willman, whose son Kurt attended our free Thai Language and Art Academy

Alicia Adams

She comes home so excited and proud of her artwork and it seems to help build her self-confidence –Alicia Adams, whose daughter Grace is a student

Meagan Wright

There is such a warm, supportive atmosphere at ArtFusion. –Meagan Wright, whose son Timothy is a student

Jen and Mike Berbaum

Aslan has been enrolled at Art Fusion for nearly ten years. His relationship with the organization began as a means to encourage his artistic interest and to encourage social development. As he entered school we realized Aslan was different from other children. He was...