Beech Street Factory Community Programs

Beech Street Factory Community Programs is a collaborative health, wellness and workforce development program established and implemented by staff/instructors from ArtFusion 19464, @107, Progressions School, Pottstown School District, and many others. The structure of the program is designed to engage young people in business planning, implementation of their plan and then the hard work.  Students will assist in developing this program with mentors from each collaborating organization.

Purpose of the Programs

It is our plan to combat the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) theory by working with so-called “troubled teens” by first recognizing the teen as not “trouble”.  We are working to provide these teens with hands-on, expressive learning as a positive way of dealing less-desirable experiences.

The process will foster the voice and action of young people, connecting them with community while instilling characteristics of teamwork, leadership, creativity, imagination and critical thinking—all fundamental and desirable skills for workforce development. Beech Street Factory Community Programs will work to engage positive youth development to build relationships, teach people skill-sets needed for a productive and sustainable future and invite them to be active and thoughtful members of their community.

Program Offerings

  • Small-Scale Farm:  Planning, designing and planting of a vegetable/herb garden and care for small farm animals at Grace’s Farm.  ArtFusion also has garden beds located at First Presbyterian Church and at Mosaic Community Gardens
  • Cooking/Nutrition: “Dirt-to-Tablecloth” Work in a commercial kitchen cooking meals for program and community events. Those who excel in cooking will have the opportunity to sit for the ServSafe Food Handling classes and proctored exam
  • Arts and Culture: Participate in Colonial Crafts program and learn how to make soap, candles, baskets, etc.
  • Innovative Design: Be part of a Maker Space program to develop a self-watering system for the gardens
  • Sales and Marketing: Develop a marketing packet/campaign and participating in local Farm Markets and craft fairs to sell products
  • Life Coach:  Learn about strengths and challenges, focus on and accomplish short-term and long-term goals
  • Carpentry: Light carpentry work in the downtown Pottstown area
  • Yoga/Meditation workshops

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Our Supporters

Thank you to the Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation, First Presbyterian Church, @107, Mosaic Community Land Trust, Progressions, Pottstown School District, Advantage Insurance, Jermacans Style Landscaping, and Colonial Gardens for your support!


For more information on the program, please contact Laura Cousins-Washington via email or by calling 610-326-2506. Connect with the programs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.