Alicia Adams

She comes home so excited and proud of her artwork and it seems to help build her self-confidence –Alicia Adams, whose daughter Grace is a student

Meagan Wright

There is such a warm, supportive atmosphere at ArtFusion. –Meagan Wright, whose son Timothy is a student

Jen and Mike Berbaum

Aslan has been enrolled at Art Fusion for nearly ten years. His relationship with the organization began as a means to encourage his artistic interest and to encourage social development. As he entered school we realized Aslan was different from other children. He was...

Michelle Bankert

I learned about your program / classes when Erin was in 2nd grade from her art teacher at school.  Erin’s 2nd grade teacher was sharing with me how impressive she and her art teacher were with her projects.  She received “another 4” on her report card – the highest...
Sandy Alves, Artist

Sandy Alves, Artist

Sandy Alves is a Canadian visual artist and resides in Collegeville, PA. Her work is primarily the result of her love for art; it is both a challenge and an outlet, a discipline and a passion. Her main interest is modern contemporary abstract art, she enjoys abstract...