Alita Abruzzese, Artist

My artwork is most often representational, however my intention is not to copy what I see. My greatest inspiration is nature–especially water in any form and the way it reflects light as well as absorbs shadows.

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Sandy Alves, Artist

Sandy Alves’ work is primarily the result of her love for art; it is both a challenge and an outlet, a discipline and a passion.

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Ellen Baker, Artist

I believe that Art is neither Vocation nor Avocation, but a passion that cannot be denied. Its product should evoke emotion, intellect, and imagination, as should the world around us.

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Deena Ball, Artist

A painting is a dance between controlled anticipated marks and random surprises.
When the dance goes well, when pigment and water flow just right, the painting comes to life.
Each painting is a souvenir of a moment, a moment spent observing and thinking about the world that surrounds us.

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Frank Bruno, Artist

Contemporary figural painter Frank Bruno creates his work in his Collegeville, Pennsylvania studio near Philadelphia.

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