Gabe Infante, Instructor

From doodles and coloring books to a BFA in crafts from Kutztown University, my art journey has been one of joy and evolution. Though my focus usually lies with metal smithing, my creative palette spans ceramics, textiles, hot and cold glass, and a bit of digital experimentation.

Crafting isn’t just about creating; it’s about creating something meaningful. My creations have ranged from jewelry and other adornments to dinnerwares, windows and more, and almost always lean towards functionality. This draw towards the functional has led me to my current day job, designing and sculpting dental appliances – a unique fusion of art and precision.

My family and friends are one of my main sources of artistic inspiration, infusing life into every piece. Otherwise I often get inspired by experiencing other people’s art and also through collaborating with other artists which truly fuels my creativity. Now, I’m stoked to dive into a new adventure – teaching a jewelry-making class. I can’t wait to share my passion for craft and soak in the collaborative vibes!