Naomi Jones, Instructor

Naomi E. Jones is a 2D Fine Artist whose medium of choice is Oil and Watercolor paint.  Naomi has a deep love and passion for Art History and likes to use other artist methods in her own artwork.  She has been a commission based artist for over 35 years which includes commissioned wall murals. 

Naomi is a proud graduate of Moore College of Art and Design, and holds a Pennsylvania Private Academic Certificate in Art Education K-12 in addition she also holds a Barnes DeMazia Certificate in Art Appreciation/History/Education from the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia.  Naomi has a strong love for learning, teaching, and is an advocate for all humans and has a strong belief that art materials should be accessible to all. As a visual hands-on learner her best teachers were those who would allow her to use creativity and her talent to best absorb information. She uses all the senses to support learning in all forms for all students. 

As a displaced New Englander Naomi enjoys traveling to Massacuttess quite often and enjoys a good Art Museum, cafe or historic town.  Naomi enjoys being on, by, or near the sea! Naomi’s main love in life is to bring happiness to her 3 beautiful children and husband and exploring new places and spaces with them whenever time allows. 

Artist Motto: “Paint to Educate” -Naomi E, Jones