Nikki Foreman, Instructor

As a child, I was often building things in mudpuddles.  I guess those early passions never leave, as I’m now frequently up to my elbows in clay!  I love that this medium uses all the elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – to create pieces that could literally last for centuries.  

As an instructor, I want my students to feel brave enough to try new things, and learn lessons from any missteps.  Nothing is ever a waste – especially in clay – you can always wedge it up and start again! With or without a finished piece, you still have learned so much to be applied to the next.  Each item is an opportunity to experiment and evolve our work.

Nikki has been hand building and throwing pots since 2002, when she was first introduced to pottery in high school.  She’s since refined her craft in several studios in the southeastern PA area.  Recently, she has set up her own home studio, spending full days behind the wheel.