Donna Doney, Artist

Art and nature have long been driving forces in my life. As a child, I collected shells, sketched and painted land and seascapes. Graduating Kutztown with a degree in art, I had a successful early career as a graphic designer and illustrator.

My career as an elementary art educator led me to schools in Pennsylvania, Michigan and California.

It was on the West Coast that my passion for photography emerged. For 10 years I refined and perfected my skills along the Northern California coast, where land and sea photography was exhibited in various galleries.

In 2019, I brought my passion for photography and teaching back home to Berks County, Pennsylvania.

As a landscape photographer, I love to explore, analyze and take in the beauty of the earth’s composition. As an artist, I want to visually capture the essence of the environment and communicate my vision of the world by extracting images that evoke a sense of emotion and transport the viewer to a specific place and time.