Kathryn Briggs, Artist

Kathryn Briggs is a comic creator, art teacher, and artist based in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Her love affair with comics began in 2012 while pursuing an MFA at Dundee University, Scotland.  She has created a variety of zines, comics, and even a deck of playing cards for Ess Publications, the small press she founded in 2013.

She is the author and illustrator of Magpie, a collection of short comics from Throwaway Press, Triskelion, a self-published epic journey into the elements of story, and Story(cycle), a Masters thesis in comics form.  In 2021 she’ll release The New Chapter Tarot deck through Liminal 11. 

When not creating art Kathryn teaches comics and pop-up art workshops.  She also plays D&D and spoils her cat rotten.


Website: kathrynebriggs.com

Instagram: @kathrynbriggscomics

Twitter: @withryn