Help when you need it most

When my husband was out of work and we could not afford any kind of lessons–music, art, sports—ArtFusion 19464 came to our rescue with free programs that my kids could enjoy.

Our oldest son has ADD and Aspergers and did not enjoy school, making friends and joining groups was difficult for him.  But he was very creative and had a very active imagination that we wanted to encourage.  ArtFusion gave him a place to explore his creativity.  They gave him a judgement-free zone and the freedom to share his imaginative ideas.  No one ever made him feel weird there.

Later, our youngest started taking classes and has enjoyed exploring different media – recycled art, pottery and his favorite – video production.


Allowing Creativity to flow

Now that we are both working, my kids and I have taken different classes and attended many events.  There is always something new and different to try. We appreciate the opportunity to give back to a local non-profit that was there for us when we needed it.  For myself, ArtFusion is my creative therapy.  It is a place I can forget I’m a Mom and a full-time employee and all the responsibilities that go along with those roles.  I can be creative, make a mess, try new things, get out frustrations and have something beautiful to take home in the end.  Most importantly, I’ve met lots of interesting people, made new friends, enjoyed seeing other people’s ideas come to life, and become part of something bigger than myself.

ArtFusion is more than an art studio, more than art classes, more than an art gallery, ArtFusion is a community and a vital part of Pottstown’s community.

–Mellissa Keplinger