My daughter is currently a freshman in College studying Architecture.  This curriculum entails a lot of attention to detail, creativity and drawing skills.  She has recently said to me, “Mom, all those classes at ArtFusion has really helped me with my major.  My professors have commented on the details of my work.”

I learned very early on that my daughter had no interest in sports.  I wanted to get her involved in something.  One day it hit me, she would consistently receive positive comments from her Art Teacher on her art projects.  So, that’s how it all started, we found ArtFusion.  My daughter started her first class there 12 years ago.  She loves all of the classes that she has taken over the years including, drawing, pottery, their holiday & specialty classes.  She adores their staff, who she considers them her “friends”.  She loves participating in their fund raising and community service events.  My daughter looks forward to spending her free time at ArtFusion.

Thank you ArtFusion for the positive influence you made in my daughter’s life.

— Michelle Bankert