Originally from Nigeria, Felix Osiemi is an American visual art practitioner.

For over thirty years, Osiemi has consistently exhibited his works in private and public art galleries and museums regionally and internationally. 

Osiemi works and publications are in corporate, private and public collections in the United States and around the world, that includes, The Art Institute of Philadelphia; WHYY TV; “Who’s who and Bibliography” at the National Museum of African Art Library Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC; ADEC Guide for Contemporary African Art” in Paris; Goethe Institute Germany: “Zeitgenosische Nigerianische Kunst”; From the Atmospheric to the Transparent”: A Progressive View of Osiemi Art: MA thesis, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan Nigeria.

Felix Osiemi has significantly contributed to the success of the distinguished Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, with murals including, “Women of Jazz” at the famous Strawberry Mansion and “Dance Through The Ages” at the Hill Freedman School, both located in Philadelphia. Through city wide exposure, Osiemi works have appeared in mass media with featured segments “Living It Up with Patti Labelle” show on TVONE and The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program documentary “Beautifying Schools Transforming Lives”.

Felix Osiemi obtained his MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Degree from Goddard College in Plainfield Vermont, United States.