Anne Aycock, Artist

Anne Aycock

I love wool! And although I came to fiber as a tool for artistic expression later in life, I am now far down the rabbit hole of yarn love. In addition to teaching knitting and other fiber arts, I own a small yarn business. When I look for wool for my yarns, I try to source locally, often driving around to different farms in my area in search of the perfect fleece. My yarns are made from breed specific wool, that means I know the type of sheep that grows the wool that my yarn comes from.¬† I also use a wonderful local mill that will process to my specifications. One of the most gratifying parts of the search for new wool is getting to meet the shepherds and mill workers, seeing the sheep at home in the fields. I’ve also found that many of the people in our local fiber industry are women, in fact, all of our yarn comes from farms and mills run by women. It is my hope that by continuing to source local, paying a fair price to the farmers and having high standards for my fiber, that I will help support and promote the local wool industry for many years to come.