I first became interested in creative art as a teenager when I received a small Kodak camera.  Photography has continued to be source of great enjoyment, but in 1992 I came across a stained glass workshop.  For many years I had admired the patterns and colors of stained glass panels but discovered that this labor-intensive art form made it expensive to collect.  I was excited about learning how to make my own stained glass pieces.  As soon as I had completed my first panel, I purchased  tools and equipment and set up my own studio in the unfinished basement of my home. 


Initially I used pre-drawn patterns that were traditional in style.  It wasn’t until I went to an art show that I had my eyes opened to all the possibilities that stained glass offers.  I began drawing my own patterns and creating panels which were more unique and contemporary, still fascinated by the bright colors and designs of the glass.  Because of my love for this art form, I’ve shared it with others through  teaching.  Several years ago I began incorporating objects into my creations, including glass bevels from recycled lighting fixtures and computer circuit boards.  In the many years I’ve been involved in stained glass I’ve made hundreds of pieces but sold very few.  I’ve received great joy in giving them away as gifts knowing that, like me, others are grateful to own an art form they most likely would never be able to hang in their windows.  Teaching others how to create stained glass pieces is second only to making them myself.