I am very excited to be a part of the Art Fusion 19464 community, as I love and share many of the same values of this organization. I have been teaching art for a number of years, mostly in formal school settings as a state certified art teacher, in addition to teaching at summer camps, community art events, and various small group events. I graduated summa cum laude from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Science degree in art education and a minor in crafts. I love drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, string art, mosaics, photography, using simple design editing software, jewelry making, and all kinds of random crafts! I care about the wellbeing of people in and around my community and always wish to try to help. I am currently finding fulfillment helping young individuals as a full-time instructional assistant in a learning support classroom at an elementary school. When I am not working, I enjoy visiting art museums, playing tennis, rock climbing, running in races for important causes, trying new crafts, reading, writing, decorating, babysitting, pet sitting, hanging with friends, going to concerts, hitting the gym, praying for a green thumb, and helping to take care of my grandmother.


As an art instructor, I love connecting with students and helping them to find their “creative grooves,” while carefully guiding them in the complex process of visual decision making. I try to encourage all of my students to continue to challenge themselves as they explore the plentiful palette of available forms of creative expression. I hope all of my students leave my classes with a deeper appreciation for art and an understanding of the ways in which it feeds us. We are constantly surrounded by art (on wallpaper, clothing, magazines, signs, in music, in nature, etc.). Beauty can be discovered wherever we go and I believe there is a subtle magnificence in imperfection. It’s satisfying to be able to recognize that and to be able to draw inspiration from what we behold and sense no matter where we are. Experiencing a humble gratitude, as we all become more aware of and sensitive to the art and inspiration that exists as part of our everyday surroundings, is a great gift. Last, but not least, I am grateful for the ways in which my students teach and inspire me in turn.