Painting is a place to find rhythm within what appears to be chaos. Responding to each mark on a surface while staying open to the voice of the materials is an exercise in humility. My imagery is never prescriptive. It keeps me guessing long past the last brush stroke.



Lisa has been developing her current style of painting for four years. Prior to painting she was a full time ceramic artist, creating large scale murals, sculpture, and a line of ceramic tiles for wholesale across the country. An MFA from Tyler School of Art prepared her to teach ceramics at multiple venues to all ages. Currently she is an adjunct professor at Albright College. She exhibits her work regionally at the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, Freeman’s Gallery in Wayne, and Sweet Mabel Art and Fine Craft in Narberth, PA. Surface depth, texture, layered color and translucency are some of the formal traits she pursues in her current body of work. Her figurative imagery borders on the surreal, with elements of abstraction and whimsy. She draws inspiration from every possible corner of personal life experience, though she does not work from or toward a specific idea. Rather it’s the activity of painting that sparks her imagination, allowing the material to confound her intentions or shift direction without warning.