My name is Shoniece Mercado and I am currently a senior at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a BFA in Drawing and a minor in Creative Writing

My work explores a multitude of ideas that could be simplified as a constant search for personal identity. That being said, I find my work to be ever changing. A recurring element that tends to be a consistent presence in my work, are figures. They are not only fascinating and intimate, but they are also a way for me to offer representations of African American figures in various forms of light. I’ve grown fascinated with the idea of light itself and in the way it serves a significant factor in everyday life. Whether it be bright and lifting or subdued and ominous; there is a quality that we all resonate with when entranced in its illuminance.

I have previously worked with the Phoenix Village Art Center in Phoenixville, PA, for about 3 years as an Intern for art instruction and gallery sitting. I taught 2-dimensional art, arts & crafts, and some 3-dimensional art to kids from ages 4-15 for their summer camp program. I was the Assistant to the Director for various community events such as; Blob Festival, Food Truck Festivals, the Empty Bowl Project, and Fire Bird Festivals.

I plan on going to grad school to pursue a degree in Arts Administration. After working as President of the on-campus art club, Student Art League, and after working so closely with the Phoenix Village Art Center, it has inspired me to continue to help rising artists reach their goals, especially when it comes to those who do not have access to those opportunities. It is very important for me to reach out to those less advantaged, yet gifted, young artists who need an extra boost in furthering their art careers so that their talents do not go unnoticed.