Ellen was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania to amazing parents Kate and Frank Frattarole. A child of the depression, one of five, never-the-less her home abounded with music- (piano, oboe, English horn, clarinet and sax), books and elementary art supplies.

She began drawing and coloring as soon as she could hold a crayon, winning acknowledgements while still in her teens.

Next to her parents she was most encouraged and influenced by her High School Art Instructor, Miss Edith Mellinger, an accomplished and talented artist who became a mentor throughout her adulthood. Her familiar critique of Ellen’s work was “you’re finishing it to death”, and later, “What have you sold?”

Ellen sat for and studied with Miss Olga Henning, portrait artist. She found portraits an enjoyable and successful pursuit.

An important influence on her work, was Mr. William Komar, artist and friend, wh exposed her to ways of viewing nature beyond the individual stem or petal.

The technique of acrylics as Medium she studied with Ms. Judy Lupas, Pottstown Artist and neighbor.

Her studio is located in her home and all her paintings are done from original sketches, pictures mentally recalled or self-taken photos.


Artist Statement

I believe that Art is neither Vocation nor Avocation, but a passion that cannot be denied. Its product should evoke emotion, intellect, and imagination, as should the world around us. I am looking forward to attempting new and untried methods.