Summer Sunset b y Liz GriesserI am still learning. I hope to never stop. There will always be someone who knows something I don’t and I hope to keep searching. I tried to be a secretary and found myself sketching every second of free time I had. It made more sense to get myself through art school and get paid for what I couldn’t help doing.

After graduation from an art school in Philadelphia, I worked a few full time jobs until I found I was too stubborn to work for others and created my own graphics business. Lizard Graphics Inc., has sustained me for over 29 years and let me stay at home working while raising my two children When that they became more independent, I finally found time to do what I always wanted to do – paint.

My graphics business has help to guide me with composition, colors and few other things. I have been in training for years now and still find I have so much more to learn. I love the classic artists and strive to learn their techniques and methods. In painting, I hope to create a sense of stillness for people in a very chaotic and noisy world. I try to capture those quite moments where we can appreciate life and nature in all its mystery. There is much to learn.





OBX by Liz Griesser
Pomegrante by Liz Griesser
Red Barnby Liz Griesser
Eggs by Liz Griesser