I learned about your program / classes when Erin was in 2nd grade from her art teacher at school.  Erin’s 2nd grade teacher was sharing with me how impressive she and her art teacher were with her projects.  She received “another 4” on her report card – the highest grade which means you go over and beyond with this subject.  I say “another 4” because it was her 5th “4” at the elementary school.  It only took me 5 marking periods (4  marking periods in 1st grade and 1st one in 2nd grade) to realize where Erin’s interest, passion and love was!

Erin is now in 8th grade and still has the passion for art and your classes!  Erin enjoys the stretch projects you give her.  She needs to be challenged.   She strides for the self-esteem you provide when she is trying something new. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow, mature and build confidence in herself these last few years.  You provide a safe, fun and educational environment for these young kids – I greatly appreciate that!

I’m very proud of Erin and how she is “finding” herself through the creativity you are providing at ArtFusion.