Cassie Eshelman, InstructorCassie happily grew up in the outskirts the Green Lane area, enjoying all the pleasures of country life! Her expression of nature and color through art began here, whether sketching outdoors or working inside on her art table. From a young age she knew that this creative outlet was something that she would want to help others cultivate as well. Besides a short period of time when “Whale Trainer” graced her “What do you want to be when you grow up?” journal, it always said “Art Teacher” and she has since been living the dream.

After graduating from Souderton High School she was ready to relocate and settled in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York, receiving her BS in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz, with a minor in French and studies in American Sign Language.

Her desire to teach in other countries and live among various groups of people took her to what would become an almost 2 year teaching excursion in Thailand. There she was able to integrate many art lessons in with the English language instruction and is proud to say that hundreds of Thai children now know pieces of art history, contemporary artists, and museums around the world…what a great platform for broadening their world view! She also received a grant to complete murals throughout the school to enrich their learning environment and encourage fullness in life and creative expression. She has been back in the States for a few months now and is making lots of art at home based on her travels!

Her other travels include Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Mongolia. She has received her certification to teach yoga following a 200 hour immersion program in the south of India at Sivasoorya School of Divine Yoga. She has also recently obtained her certification to practice Thai massage from the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand; what a treat! Her other interests include kayaking, learning languages, cycling, playing tennis, spending time with family, and planning new adventures.